Educating consumers with how their food is actually produced, without all the marketing gimmicks.

Big city globetrotter turned Iowa farm girl

Getting back to my Midwest farming “roots.”

Hi, I'm Michelle! I grew up involved in 4-H, horse riding, and doing chores on my friends’ grandparents farms in Wisconsin, but when my high school aptitude tests told me to go into farming, I headed west for college and a career in fashion.

After working for Gucci On Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and spending a number of years in downtown Chicago, I bought into organic, grass-fed, “Monsanto is the devil” food idealism.

At this point I caught the travel bug and moved to Florida, where I was able to have a flexible schedule as a ‘globetrotting bartender’ to finish up my goal of visiting all 7 continents (62 countries), and then met my “Prince Farming.” In the years I have been living and working on his Iowa farm, I have learned the truths of modern agriculture firsthand and enjoy “getting revenge on my wallet” by educating the public and debunking the popular myths I once believed in. Consumers today are bombarded with misinformation and marketing tactics, misleading food labels… And I bring real, unbiased education and facts from real farmers and leading industry experts.


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Today, I work alongside my boyfriend and his family on over 2,200 acres of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, oats, sheep, and cattle. I'm happier than I've ever been to get back to my “roots” of being involved with animals and farming and have gone from being skeptical about food to to sharing my passion of modern agriculture! I've literally gone from Rodeo Drive to the Rodeo, and wouldn’t have it any other way.