The Farm Babetm unearths the truth behind modern farming.

Michelle Miller finds the facts on food & agriculture so you can make wiser choices!

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Honest. Funny. Insightful.

With an average social media reach of 2-3 million per month and 200K followers, Michelle has made a name for herself as a dedicated myth-buster in the food industry and has influenced corporations as powerful as Burger King.

Michelle brings a unique perspective as a big city globetrotter turned farm girl, and plants the seed inside the minds of those looking to understand the truth about modern agricultural production. With one of the most popular and vibrant food and farming social media followings, the Farm Babe™ is the real deal.

She has been on stage among leading industry experts as one of the most well known voices in agriculture. For an engaging, unique experience and memorable event, look no further than Michelle.



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