On our farm we raise the highest quality, purebred Black Angus cattle and Suffolk lambs. 


On our farm we raise the highest quality, purebred Black Angus cattle and Suffolk lambs. You can find our meats in local specialty shops and at farmers markets in Northeast Iowa available for purchase in bulk, live weight, or by the pound. Follow us on Facebook for upcoming events and meet us at the market!

Our Cattle

The cattle on our farm are hand selected purebred Black Angus - excellent genetics bred for low stress, mellow temperament, and premium flavor and marbling.  They're grass fed and grain finished from sustainable feed we grow right in our own backyard! The quality is comparable to what you'd find in a top quality five star steakhouse… without the steakhouse prices.


Our Lambs

Our ewes spend their days grazing on beautiful, lush pastures until they are about to give birth when we bring them into our pristinely clean pens and barns to monitor their health, as well as the health of newborn lambs. Our pens are so clean you could walk in them with flip flops on and hardly get any dirt on your feet!

With proper livestock care and excellent farm management skills our animals very rarely get sick which means we hardly ever have to use antibiotics. But we do treat them if need be, as their health is always a top priority. If antibiotics are used, the animal must legally go through a “withdrawal time” which means all meat is antibiotic free!

About our Meat

All of our beef is finished on our farm and is aged and processed by one of the best USDA Inspected processors in the midwest. This produces some of the most tender and flavorful beef and lamb to ever grace your grill! Take into consideration that what we sell is, in our customers opinions, much higher quality than what the grocer sells for up to $28 per pound.

This is definitely not low grade meat. If you take a blind taste test with one of our Bone in Rib Eyes, you'll swear you've just eaten Filet.

  • The meat is vacuum sealed, USDA stamped, and labeled with cut type and weight.

  • Cattle are processed at a very tender age of 18-22 months on average. 6-9 months for lambs at about 150-160 pounds.

  • The steaks are usually cut to about an inch while roasts average 3-4 pounds.

  • It is dry aged before it is cut. So the taste and tenderness is out of this world!

How to Order

Everything we do is custom specific to your needs and varies by inventory.

For best value, order a full lamb or half a steer/heifer! Whatever you want for cuts, we will try our best to accommodate you. Simply pay us for the animal and the butcher for processing upon pickup.

For Order Inquiries
Thanks for supporting our farm! Our family appreciates your business!